• Cast Glass Ocean Wave Courtyard Gate

    I designed and created this cast glass courtyard gate with a breaking ocean wave motif for a private residence in San Diego. It measures 95” x 47” and has a locking mechanism for security, and it functions as a gate or door leading into an entryway courtyard. The ocean themed art is an homage to San Diego's picturesque coastal scenery.

  • Cast Glass Surfboard Wall Art

    I made this solid 1-1/2” thick glass surfboard for a niche space in a California beach home. The board is 20 inches wide at the waist and 7’ 8” long. It is a big wave gun shape, typically used in the bigger waves at places like the north shore of Hawaii and Mavericks in northern California.

  • Sea Kelp Cast Glass Window with Bubbles

    Sea Kelp Cast Glass Window with Bubbles

    Cast Glass wall sculptural piece titled “Sea Kelp Window with Bubbles”

    A purely sculptural piece just for art's sake.