glass Hawaiian wave panels

This giant glass Hawaiian wave began life as a hand drawn illustration by the artist Jay Curtis. It was custom built right here in Carlsbad, California from Jay's original design for installation at a resort hotel in the Hawaiian islands.

This stunning glass artwork exemplifies the power of a breaking wave coming in from the left, while the negative space to the right depicts a building swell approaching from the horizon. The feeling of being inside the barrel of a wave comes to life for anyone who has experienced it for real, as well as those with vivid imaginations.

It is made from cast and tempered glass, and it was designed by Jay Curtis of Art Glass and Metal Studios and fabricated with Greg Gomolka of Experience Glass Studios. The overall dimensions of the wall are 8 feet tall and 24 feet long, and it is constructed of eight separate glass panels that stand side by side.

It is lighted at night by LED wash lighting. The panels sit inside a stainless steel channel and the glass itself is 12” out from the wall.

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The finished piece installed in Maui
The finished piece installed in Maui

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