Cast Glass Surfboard Wall Art by Jay Hoyt Curtis of Art Glass and Metal

Hand Made Cast Glass Surfboard Wall Art Custom Designed and Produced by Jay Hoyt Curtis

I made this solid 1-1/2” thick glass surfboard for a niche space in a California beach home. The board is 20 inches wide at the waist and 7’ 8” long. It is a big wave gun shape, typically used in the bigger waves at places like the north shore of Hawaii and Mavericks in northern California.

I designed this “breaking wave” glass surf board to depict a barrel coming at you as you gaze back into the curl. The wave design has relief that you can feel as you run your hand over it. The relief lets the design glow along it’s edges as the lights above wash over it, and it highlights the churning foaming action of the breaking wave.

This design will be the first in a series of different classic surf board shapes with my original designs etched or cast into them. Contact me here if you would like one of your own.

As Seen in Better Homes and Gardens, San Diego Home/Garden, and More