Huge Black Glass Photo Etching for Soboba Casino Resort

Huge Black Glass Photo Etching by Art Glass and Metal

I created this custom large format photo etching on black glass for a casino. The actual etched glass piece is four feet tall by fourteen feet long.

The piece is supported by 12 stainless steel standoff bases that float the glass 2-1/2 inches off of the wall behind it, with the wood frame bracketing the piece. It is by far the largest photo etching I have ever done, and the largest I have seen in general.  

Because of the size of the piece and the limited size of stencil material that is available, I had to splice sections together and intricately hand detail the areas where the seams butted. Not an easy task, but it came out flawless. I was very excited to have been given the opportunity to produce this amazing piece.

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