Etched Glass Shower Enclosure with Tree Branch Motif

This Shower Enclosure with Tree Branch Was a Simple Yet Challenging Project

This custom etched glass shower stall was a challenge to create something with an eye catching natural allure for a space that was predominately full of right angles. It had to complement the existing setting without looking out of place, so for this reason I chose a simple tree branch motif that would not overpower the otherwise simple yet elegant design of this bathroom.

The shower consists of three panes of simple flat tempered glass that have been etched (sandblasted) to instill a sense of privacy and create soft, refracted light. After this etching process, the only remaining areas of glass that can still be seen through clearly are the tree branches.

The whole assembly was created to install seamlessly with the existing bathroom countertop and shower layout. I believe that this tree motif goes very well with the existing dark wood paneling, creating a space this has an elegant yet natural feel to it, and I know that the owners of this home agree.

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