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Water Jet Cut Metal Sculpture by Art Glass and Metal Studio

I was commissioned to create a sculpture of a Japanese cherry tree (Sakura tree) to hang in the courtyard of a beautiful Spanish home in the Mission Hills area of San Diego.

The sculpture is water jet cut from a sheet of steel based on a hand drawn design that I created. It is detailed in positive and negative shapes so that the design breaks out of the confines of the rectangular metal central piece.  I then applied a Japanese Brown Patina to the metal to give it a wonderful brown two tone luster and color. The piece stands off of the wall by 3 inches to allow LED lights to “wash” the wall behind it.

To accentuate the piece even further, I installed RGBW LED lights strategically positioned on the back side of the metal, and these can be remotely controlled to change colors from white, yellow, blue, green, aqua, or a combination of all.  Although I predominately work in the medium of art glass, I have done many projects in metal such as this “Sakura Metal Sculpture”.

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