Metal | Art Glass and Metal | San Diego, California

I use metal in many ways to both mount and support my glass work. This can be as simple as metal standoff bases to mount glass panels onto walls, or galvanized posts to support some of my cast and etched gate panels.

I actually first started to use metal years ago designing metal bases to support some of my glass pieces as garden art. Sometimes I venture outside of my comfort zone of glass design when certain clients ask me to design metal gates for them.


Clients have asked me to design and fabricate metal gates, figuring that if I could be successful at glass design, I could also design and make metal gates too. I usually take on the challenge as a chance to do something out of my normal scope. I have designed wrought iron gates with shell and nautical motifs, and used bronze sheet metal images that are water jet cut and then acid etched to put detail into the figures before being assembled into the gate itself. Metal work to me is more or less a diversion that enables me to dabble in another medium.

Some examples of Metal works: