A Custom Art Glass piece commissioned for a private beach residence. The Art Glass project consists of 3/4" thick optically pure "Starfire Glass" which enables the light waves passing through its bottom edge to virtually reach the top edge of the Etched Glass piece that illuminates the entire etched glass scene.

The Etched Glass has an undulating Water-jet cut edge with gives the art glass piece a wavy top edge to enhance the Etched Glass artwork. The glass artist's skill is in detailing the Etched Glass detail by designing the artwork to be etched on many different levels to achieve a realistic look to the "Etched Glass Green Sea Turtle" and it's accompanying elements which complete the underwater scene.

The artist has created detailed Etched Glass and Carved Glass for over thirty seven years and his style crosses many genres. From "representational" pieces of art glass to "modern geometrical abstracts". The artist would like to invite you to view more of his work and varieties of his design styles by clicking on "gallery" on the info bar above. The size of the above piece is 5 feet tall and 7 feet wide.