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Jay Curtis has been the owner and founder of ArtGlass and Metal since 1978.

His fascination with art glass started in the early fifties as a small boy the first time he saw a glass "cats eye" marble while playing with friends. Growing up in a small town in Connecticut, his house bordered on the nearby woods. He, at a young age gained an appreciation of the beauty of nature and a fascination with all forms of wildlife. This appreciation has translated itself into many of his wildlife and classic designs.

Graduating from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 1978 with a degree in graphic design, he received technical knowledge in the areas of process camera work, reproduction techniques and most of all problem solving. After starting ArtGlass and metal in 1978 he employed his technical background into his early photo stencil etchings. What followed was a submersion into glass design and the addition of many more techniques which he uses today.

Since the late 1980’s he has also been designing abstracts and glass and metal sculptures. The diversity of his design capabilities coupled with his array of techniques is the focal point of his success.