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Throughout his acclaimed career, Jay has created some amazing works of etched glass, cast glass, and glass and metal art for installation in homes and businesses across southern California. In coastal Orange County this includes Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Laguna Niguel, San Juan Capistrano, and San Clemente, to name a few.


Much of the widespread appeal of Jay's etched glass and cast glass art on the coast of California stems from his love of the ocean and the breathtaking scenery it regularly provides. Many of his glass and metal artworks are centered around aquatic wildlife, including etched glass sea turtles (Jay's personal favorite), whales, dolphins, fish, and birds such as pelicans, osprey, and seagulls.

Also prominent in many of his works are waves, bays, beaches, coastal bluffs, and mountains. Exquisite detail is possible thanks to Jay's mastery of glass casting, slumping, and glass etching at various stages of the production process.

Cast Glass Exterior Gate in Laguna Beach

An excellent example of Jay's aquatic art can be seen in this cast glass exterior gate with a nautilus shell motif that he designed and created for a home in Laguna Beach, California:


Etched Glass and Metal Gate in Newport Beach

Picturesque Newport Beach is the home of this cast glass and metal gate Abstract Schooling Fish and Cursive Flows with galvanized posts that Jay designed and manufactured. With its flowing curves and natural allure, this stylized ocean scene epitomizes life in coastal Orange County. The combination of etched glass fish designs on a cast glass background is a beautiful example of Jay's ability to employ a variety of techniques to bring depth and vibrance to his work.